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Catac Teats



With three sizes of teat available to suit our two very popular Foster Feeding kits, each packet contains three teats made from natural latex rubber. The smaller teat (ST1) is made slightly longer so that the length can be cut to size from the neck end, with a sharp tool, to suit the animal being cared for.

There are no holes in the teats enabling the foster carer to choose the flow which suits the animal best. For new born / young animals heat treat a small needle, pierce the head of the teat allowing the needle to cool before withdrawing. For a greater flow follow the same advice using a larger diameter needle or trim the head of the teat with scissors, or other sharp tool; taking care not to remove too much at a time.

The ST1 teats are used in conjunction with the small bottles or o-ring syringes.

ST2 & ST3 teats are used only with the large feeding bottle.

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